About us

Who we are

Launch is a group of individuals passionate about health and fitness. All of us have been involved in the fitness scene for many years and we live what we preach. Don’t be surprised if you catch us sneaking in a workout during our break times.

Launch was formed in 2018 out of Super Future Fitness in North Windham, Connecticut. We work with clients trying to achieve a variety of health and fitness goals at all different starting points. Whether you want to walk up the stairs without getting out of breathe, or deadlift 500lbs we can help you. 


Do no harm, your safety is our number one priority. We believe in providing you the motivation to do a little better than you did last time, and also give you the accountability to keep coming back for more.


Create a health driven local environment. Teach people to treat their health issues with exercise and proper nutrition. Put an end to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and lifestyle driven diabetes.


Our clients are number one. Communicate with us and there is no issue we can't solve working together. We are a small business and realize that our success is dependent upon the experience our clients receive.

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